Company presentation

Company Lesnik is since 1993 one of the leading companies for installation of plastic processing equipment in Slovenia.

In this time we sold & installed more than 350 Engel injection moulding machines & robots, and many more auxiliary equipment units, like conveyor belts, temperature control units, grinders, color dosing units and others, together more than 1000 installed units.

With engineering background we not only sell the machines and equipment, but we help numerous customers set the technology and solve the problems at production of injection molded parts.

We installed and optimized the gas assisted injection molded production of the refrigerator door handles.  We also optimized the production of inserting and over molding of glass sheets.  We also finalized several complete robot automations with design and construction of take over head, programming and transfer of the product to the side assembly and testing unit.

We have our own testing center with several injection molding machines and 3 axis milling / machining center. 

With Solidworks workstation and two 3D printers we are able to design solutions and also rapidly create test parts.

Since quality control of the produced parts is vital for the injection molding production, with our smart camera we are able to test every single part that passes under the camera.

We speak English as well as German.

More than 23 years of experiance in the field of injection molding and plastic processing

Together more than 1000 installed units